What is a Concentrate Vaporizer?

A concentrate vaporizer is a battery-powered device specifically designed for use with extracted plant-derived concentrate material. These types of vaporizers are not designed for use with traditional e-liquid (with or without nicotine) and cannot be used for dry leaf vaporization.

Vaporizers are simple devices. They have two parts: a tank (with a heating element) and a battery.

The tank holds the material that is to be vaporized. Inside the tank is an atomizing element which heats the organic material into an aerosol mist which you inhale. Proper vaporization occurs when the plant material is heated without combustion (burning) so that undesirable byproducts (smoke or toxins) are reduced or eliminated.

iStick MiniBatteries are rechargeable and come in various power ratings. The milliampere hour (mAh) number of a battery shows its holding capacity and determines how long the battery lasts between charges. The higher the mAh rating, the longer the battery will last.

We offer a 30-day replacement warranty on all batteries and chargers in the event of a malfunction or manufacturing defect. (We will not replace your battery, however, if it is misused or physically damaged by the consumer).

We believe the proven harmful effects of combustion, in any form, can be lessened through modern vaporization technology. At Hemp Headquarters, we are selective about the devices we stock and try to find the most reliable and safest devices available on the market.

vape pens
For use with small tanks & cartridges
vape pens
  • Slim VV
    (280 mAh, three heat settings and preheat)

  • MAX battery
    (360 mAh, three heat settings, preheat, micro-USB charger, pass-through vaping)

  • EVOD
    (650 mAh or 1000 mAh, three heat settings, Ego threaded)

  • Eleaf iStick Mini
    (1000 mAh, box mid style, digital power settings between 3.3 v to 5 v)

Cartridge batteries
Slide-In Style with 510 magnets
Only for use with small cartridges
  • Vivant Vault
    (650 mAh, fits all cartridge sizes, variable power settings
    from 5 W to 15 W, battery level indicator, all metal construction)

  • Yocan UNI
    (650 mAh, cartridge width and height adjustments, three power settings)

  • Airistech Mystica II
    (450 mAh, three heat settings)

  • iMini
    (500 mAh battery, preheat)

  • Ccell Palm battery
    (550 mAh battery, draw-activated)
concentrate pens

Portable vape pens for concentrates come in a variety of styles with many different features.
These pens are specifically designed for use with plant-based concentrates
and Hemp Headquarters only stocks vaporizers with ceramic or quartz (glass) heating elements.
Safety is No. 1

We are picky about what we stock. We carefully evaluate each product based on its design, ease-of-use and safety. There are thousands of vape products on the market and we want to be a hardware source you can trust.

Innovation is essential to the thriving vapor market, but not every product is a good one. We not only evaluate the design of the product, but the quality as well. There are some manufacturers that, unfortunately, have a dubious track record of quality and we try to avoid those brands.

A big part of our philosophy is providing safe products. Safety is a top priority for us and because of this we only stock concentrate vaporizers with ceramic donut, ceramic pad or quartz (glass) atomizers. We do not stock any vaporizers with exposed heating wires. Placing plant material onto exposed wires can easily overheat the concentrate which may result in burning and the potential release of toxins. Ceramic and glass heating elements perform at lower temperatures and enhance the flavor of concentrate by maintaining the integrity of delicate terpenes and flavanoids.

ceramic coil
These ceramic heating elements do not have
any exposed wires and will heat concentrate
at a lower temperature to help prevent combustion
and enhance the flavor.

We make sure that, at the point of sale, all customers know how to properly and safely use each and every product. If you have a question or problem, please let us know.

We offer a 30-day replacement warranty on all batteries and chargers in the event of a malfunction or manufacturing defect. (We will not replace your battery, however, if it is misused or physically damaged by the consumer).

The Linx Hypnos Zero is an example of a
high-quality concentrate vaporizer.
All stainless-steel components, ceramic heating pad
and glass mouthpiece result in a smooth vape.

Only for use with concentrates
  • Pulsar Ninja
    (350 mAh battery, ceramic pad atomizer)

  • Pulsar Sirius Plus
    (1500 mAh battery, ceramic donut coil, glass tank)

  • Pulsar Wax-Ohm
    (1100 mAh batter, all-ceramic tank)

  • Linx Hypnos Zero
    (650 mAh battery, ceramic plate atomizer, stainless steel components)

  • Pulsar APX Volt
    (1100 mAh variable voltage battery, quartz coil-less cup atomizer)


E-Nail kits
Portable handheld dab rig kits
Only for use with concentrates

  • Pulsar V3
    (2500 mAh replaceable 18650 battery, variable heat settings, glass bubbler attachment)

  • XVape Vista Mini
    (2000 mAh internal battery, replaceable ceramic coil, detachable glass bubbler, east to clean design)

xVape Mini

The Vivant Vault is a "slide-in" style vaporizer for small cartridges.
A magnet is placed on the 510 connection (a standard connector for most tanks)
and the cartridge slides into the body of the vaporizer.

What Are CBD Concentrates?

The term "concentrate" refers to a substance created through the extraction of plant material. There are different methods of extraction and the resultant products vary in formulation and concentration. Popular CBD extracts are in the form of isolate and wax.

When vaping CBD concentrate, you are inhaling the extract directly in its pure form. As a result, the concentration of CBD is higher than vaping liquid and the effect is felt quicker. For example, one gram of isolate is 1000 mg of 99% pure CBD. Inhaling what is essentially "pure" CBD may provide instant relief. People looking primarily for the anti-anxiety can vape CBD isolate in stressful situations.

Concentrates may have an orange tint from plant
material from the initial extraction.
Natural terpenes are often added after extraction
to add flavor to pure isolates (which are flavorless).

Some Of The Hardware Brands We Carry: