CBD for Vaporizers

An effective way to administer CBD is through the use of a vaporizer. Commonly called an Advanced Personal Vaporizer (APV) or Open System Vaporizer, this product can heat a specially formulated mixture of vegetable glycerin, flavoring and CBD extract for oral inhalation. The liquid (called e-liquid or e-juice) contains varying concentrations of CBD depending on personal preference. All vapeable CBD products sold at Hemp Headquarters are nicotine-free and THC-free. Vaporizer liquid is typically sold in 30 ml bottles and can be vaped using a basic vape pen, advanced sub-ohm tank or dripped.

Also available are CBD concentrates created through a CO2 extraction method (THC-free and solvent-free). Concentrated cannabinoids come in various forms such as crumble or isolate and can be vaporized using a special heating chamber designed for concentrates. Hemp Headquarters recommends (and sells) all-ceramic heating chambers for use with CBD concentrates. Pure isolate is food grade and can be eaten as well.

Some concentrate/vape products contain a combination of CBD and plant terpenes. Terpenes are chemicals within all plants that account for fragrance and aroma. The terpenes and essential oils used in products listed on this page do not contain any cannabinoids and are used to add flavor (CBD isolate by itself is virtually flavorless). Additionally, science is showing that combining a cannabinoid such as CBD with plant terpenes creates an "entourage effect" to enhance certain benefits. Though plant terpenes are natural and found in all plants, it is possible to have an allergic reaction to their use through inhalation. If you have a known allergy to specific terpenes, please take that into consideration before purchasing and using these products.

Blue Moon hemp
Flavored CBD E-Liquid

100 mg
200 mg
300 mg
400 mg

Pure (natural flavor)
(vanilla custard)
Black Kat
(breakfast cereal)
Red Devil
(strawberry, vanilla, tangerine, mango)

CBD Vape Pod System
(120 mg CBD per pod)

K-PEN Starter Kit
(battery, charger & one pod)

Replacement Pod Flavors:

OG Kush
Sour Diesel
White Peach
Strawberry Lemonade

Krypted CBD
Flavored CBD E-Liquid

250 mg
500 mg

OG Kush (natural terpenes)
White Peach
Sunset Watermelon
Strawberry Lemonade


Flavored Isolate Slabs
1 gram
(1000 mg)
OG Kush
Sour Diesel

Savage CBD
Flavored CBD E-Liquid

250 mg
500 mg

Driven (blueberry candy)
(watermelon candy)
Serene (green apple candy)
Hustle (raspberry sugar cookie)


E-Liquid with terpenes:
Sour Diesel
Girl Scout Cookies
Granddaddy Purple
300 mg CBD isolate

Flavorless CBD E-Liquid Additive
125 mg
250 mg
500 mg

CBD Drip

CBD liquid concentrate additive

Platinum (Extra Strength / 58 mg CBD)

Kozmic Gardens

Isolate (1 gram)
Berry Gelato Terpsolate
Galactic Tangerine Terpsolate
Lemon Cake Terpsolate

Pure Isolate (unflavored)

CBD Luxe

Disposable Vape Pen (100 mg CBD)

BE CALM (lavender, chamomile, valerian)


Absolute Zero (1 gram)
Pulverized 99% Pure CBD Isolate

Absolute Zero with terpenes:
Girl Scout Cookies


CBD Wax (200 mg)
Full spectrum extract with terpenes


Concentrate Vaporizers

We stock a variety of vaporizers and tanks designed for use with CBD concentrates. All the devices we sell use a ceramic heating element in the form of a ceramic pad or ceramic donut. Part of our store philosophy is to offer for sale only the safest and highest quality products we can find on the market. Though many concentrate vaporizers today feature a heating element comprised of exposed titanium wires, we have concerns about the use of those devices. Heating bare titanium wire may lead to overheating and the formation of titanium dioxide which is a known lung irritant. In contrast, ceramic heating elements provide excellent flavorful vaporization at much lower temperatures and feature no exposed heating wires.

Please call the store (215-657-1099) to ask about our current stock of hardware and prices.