topical oral cbd

Modern extraction methods allows the infusion of cannabidiol into various topical products. These relieving and moisturizing products penetrate the skin extremely well and can provide immediate and long-lasting relief. Topical creams, butters, salves and balms work best when use is directed towards muscles and joints.

CBD is naturally anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain relief). However, like other natural herbal extracts and remedies, we cannot guarantee any specific result.

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CBD topical relief
Blue Ridge Hemp Blue Ridge Hemp
CBD Infused Gel
CBD Infused Salve
Cooling and moisturizing for muscle pain & soreness, muscle spasms, joint pain and inflammation.
Available with 200 mg CBD

2 oz. bottle
Includes a variety of natural oils, essential oils and plant terpenes.
Medterra Rapid Cooling Pain Cream
Cooling lotion infused with CBD isolate, arnica, frankincense, menthol, aloe and hemp seed oil.
3.4 oz. bottle
250 mg CBD
750 mg CBD

Unscented CBD Cream
CBD Remedies Unscented Pain Cream
Unscented and gentle topical pain cream for areas of muscular pain and inflammation. Includes only organic and natural ingredients with no added fragrance. Made in Reading, Pennsylvania.
Available with
250 mg CBD (Regular Strength)
500 mg CBD (Extra Strength)
1.76 oz. Full Size
4 gram Trial Size (20 mg CBD)

aromatheraphy lotion
CBD Remedies Aromatherapy Pain Cream
Uplifting cream provides relief with CBD and natural plant terpenes. May provide relief for pain, stress, inflammation and headaches.

Terpene aromatherapy may provide the feelings of relaxation, happiness and focus. Great muscle rub before or after strenuous activity.

CBD from organic hemp. Includes only natural and organic ingredients. Made in Reading, Pennsylvania.
Available with 250 mg CBD
Available Scents:
Clear Blend (Clove / Eucalyptus)
with AC/DC Terpenes

Peppermint Orange
with AC/DC Terpenes

Lavender Blend
with Blue Dream Terpenes

1.76 oz. Full Size
4 gram Trial Size (20 mg CBD)

Full Spectrum CBD
veritas farms Full Spectrum Pain Salve
High-quality full spectrum hemp extract salve for pain relief, muscle spasms, inflammation, joint stiffness and daily skin care.
Ingredients: whole plant hemp extract, coconut oil, beeswax.
2 oz. jar
Available with
400 mg CBD
1000 mg CBD

veritas farms Full Spectrum Lotion
Full spectrum hemp extract moisturizing lotion to repair cracked or damaged skin. This full spectrum extract will provide more anti-inflammatory healing benefits.
3.88 oz. bottle
Available with
500 mg CBD

Doc rico Doc Rico
Rejuvenating Lotion
Moisturizing body lotion with CBD, hemp oil, Gotu Kola, Rosewood and Orange Oil.
8 oz. bottle
Available with 300 mg CBD
CBD Remedies Pain Relief Lotion
Gentle lotion for topical pain and moisturization. All-natural and organic ingredients. Made in Reading, Pennsylvania.
4 oz. bottle with
150 mg CBD
Lavender Blue Dream

Blue Ridge Hemp Blue Ridge Hemp
Organic Hand & Body Lotion
Moisturizing lotion with CBD, organic calendula, organic chamomile and organic lavender. Great for dry, itchy or sore skin.
8 oz. bottle
Available with 100 mg CBD
100% vegan
veritas farms Full Spectrum Lip Balm
Full spectrum hemp extract lip balm to repair cracked or damaged lips and make them soft and smooth.
0.15 oz. tube
French Vanilla flavor
Available with
25 mg CBD

CBD for the bathroom
quartz cbd CBD Bath Bombs
Bath bomb dissolves in tub.
Soak for 15-20 minutes for maximum benefit.
100% Natural Ingredients
CBD from Organic Hemp
Unique Quartz crystal in each one
Available with 40 mg CBD

Amethyst (Lavender)
Lavender OG
Lemon Tea
Citrus Bliss
Passion (lavender, tea tree, rosemary, vanilla and rose petals)
Blue Ridge Hemp Blue Ridge Hemp
CBD Infused Shower Scrubs
Soothes and exfoliates in the shower. Softens and conditions all skin types. Uses high-quality vegan, non-GMO organic ingredients.
4 oz. bottle
Includes 100 mg CBD
Available Blends:
Coffee & Salt Scrub
Turmeric & Neem Scrub
Coconut & Sugar Scrub

Essential Oils

Blue Ridge Hemp Blue Ridge Hemp
CBD Roll-On
Essential Oil Blend
Topical roll-on bottles blend CBD with a variety of oils and essential oils. Get relief through cannabidiol and aromatherapy.
Includes 50 mg CBD

Available Blends:

Calm & Relax
Headache & Stress
Muscle Care
Joint Care
Breathe Easy & Concentrate