Oral and Edible CBD Products

Modern extraction methods allow the infusion of cannabidiol into various products.
The products we carry are all-natural, non-GMO and solvent-free. Many are 100% organic.
All products are made in the USA and any imported ingredients come from Canada or Europe.

High-milligram oral tinctures and sprays are a good option for those who do not wish to use a vaporizer
or for parents wishing to find a CBD solution for children under the age of 18.

Cannabidiol can be absorbed quickly through the use of water-soluble edible additives.
Water-soluble CBD is a good solution for those with trouble absorbing nutrients or for young children.

Not sure what to get?
Stop by Hemp Headquarters in Willow Grove
and we will help you choose the right product for you and your lifestyle.
Test results for all products are kept in-store so you can be assured of what you are purchasing.

oral tinctures

Delta Delta Botanicals
CBD Tinctures
CBD rich hemp oil to be taken
sublingually (under the tongue).
CBD extract with vegetable glycerin.
100% organic. THC-free.
30 ml bottle
Available in
150 mg
300 mg
600 mg
1000 mg

Vanilla Cream (cake batter)
Natural (tincture & food additive)

plus cbd Plus CBD Oil
Sublingual Tincture
Full-Spectrum Cannabinoid Extract with complete cannabinoid profile. Hemp extract with olive oil. All-natural and solvent-free.

60 ml bottle
Available in 750 mg CBD

Unflavored or Peppermint
Veritas Farms Full Spectrum Tincture
Full-Spectrum CBD extract in MCT coconut oil in unflavored or watermelon.
30 ml bottle
Available in
500 mg CBD
1000 mg CBD
1500 mg CBD

Unflavored or Watermelon
Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Classic
Full-Spectrum phytocannabinoid extract with full terpene profile. Contains CBD-rich hemp extract with organic hemp oil. Great for pets too! 100% organic.
Regular Strength
30 ml bottle (250 mg CBD)
60 ml bottle (500 mg CBD)

6x High Dosage
30 ml bottle (1500 mg CBD)

Isolate Tinctures
Medterra Isolate
Sublingual Tincture
High potency, exceptional quality. CBD isolate tincture with MCT coconut oil.
Flavorless. 100% organic.
30 ml bottle
3000 mg CBD isolate
JACBD Isolate
Sublingual Tincture
CBD isolate tincture with MCT coconut oil. Designed specifically for anxiety and stress.
Flavorless. 100% organic.
30 ml bottle
Available in
500 mg
1000 mg

Select CBD Enhanced
Flavored Tincture
High-strength sublingual tincture enhanced with essential oils and additional herbs. The suspension oil for all Select CBD tinctures is MCT coconut oil.
Three flavors available:
Lemon Ginger for daytime
Lavender for nighttime
Peppermint for stress relief/relaxation
30 ml bottle
1000 mg CBD isolate
Lemon Ginger
(Lemon essential oil, ginger herbs and turmeric)
(Chamomile, passion flower and lavender essential oil)
(Ashwagandha, peppermint essential oil, rhodiola and stevia)

oral sprays

plus cbd Plus CBD Oil
Oral Spray
Full-Spectrum Organic Cannabinoid Extract
Extra Virgin Olive Oil base
(Polysorbate 80 free)
All-natural and non-GMO.
Available in
30 ml bottle with 100 mg CBD
60 ml bottle with 500 mg CBD

Flavor: Peppermint

oral tablets

plus cbd oil Soft Gels
Full spectrum and easy-to-swallow;
Extra Virgin Olive Oil base;
100% vegetarian.
Take the same amount of CBD every time.
Each soft gel contains 15 mg CBD

Available in
10 count
30 count
60 count
Bluebird Botanicals Soft Gels
Broad spectrum hemp extract and hempseed oil in gelatin capsules. Cannabinoids and terpenes.
15 mg CBD per capsule
30 count
60 count
Veritas Farms Capsules
Full-Spectrum CBD extract in MCT coconut oil.
25 mg CBD per capsule
30 count bottle

Isolate Capsules
medterra cbd Isolate Soft Gels
Oral capsules using 99% pure CBD isolate and MCT coconut oil. Clean, solvent-free and high quality.
Available in two strengths:
25 mg CBD per capsule
50 mg CBD per capsule

30 count bottle
Lenitiv  Isolate Soft Gels
for Relaxation and Sleep
Oral capsules with CBD isolate and natural plant terpenes designed for evening relaxation and assisting with a peaceful and restful sleep.
Endorsed and inspired by well-known Cannabis activist Montel Williams.
50 mg CBD per capsule
with natural plant terpenes

30 count bottle

Bath bombs

hemplucid Full Spectrum
Full Strength
High-strength, high-quality water soluble CBD additive.
Fast acting.
Full spectrum, terpene rich and nano enhanced.
Available in
250 mg
500 mg

30 ml bottle
Natural hemp flavor
hemplucid kalki CBD Isolate with
Natural Plant Terpenes
High-quality CBD tincture soluble in water or juice. Fast acting.
THC-free, added natural terpenes and nano enhanced.
Available in
500 mg
1000 mg
1500 mg

30 ml bottle

CBd edibles

Delta CBD Cooking
and Baking Oil
Make your own CBD edibles.
100% Organic Ingredients:
Non-GMO Coconut Oil
Hemp Oil with 200 mg CBD

6.8 oz. (200 ml) bottle
cbd cooking oil
doc rico Natural Herbal Tea with Cannabidiol
10 mg CBD per bag
Handcrafted in Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Energy Life
Lemon verbena
Lemon balm
Golden rod
Hemp CBD

Calming Thoughts
Tulsi basil
Anise hyssop
Hemp CBD
Sleep Spell
Passion flower
Hemp CBD
good hemp  Good Hemp
CBD Water
CBD-infused water to reinvigorate and recharge your body. CBD with 6 grams of prebiotic fiber, 10 calories and zero sugar.
10 mg CBD per bottle 
500 ml bottle

Available Flavors:
Strawberry Kiwi