About Open System Vaporizers

Hemp Headquarters started as Independence Vapors, a store dedicated to providing a less-harmful alternative to current smokers. We still carry a select number of e-liquid flavors with nicotine and vaporization hardware. We also still support previously stocked tanks with replacement glass and coils (if still produced by the manufacturer).

Vaporizers are simple devices. They have two parts: a tank and a battery. The tank holds the e-liquid (a glycerin suspension with nicotine and flavoring). Inside the tank is also an atomizing coil which vaporizes the liquid into an aerosol mist which you inhale. Batteries are rechargeable and come in various power ratings.

The devices we sell are called open system vaporizers, because they consist of empty tanks and component parts. Vaporization hardware can be used with either nicotine-based e-liquid or hemp-based CBD liquid. We do not sell "closed system e-cigarettes" that are single-unit products manufactured by the Big Tobacco companies and purchased with pre-filled cartridges in order to simulate smoking a cigarette. Open system component vaporizers have larger batteries than "e-cigarettes" and do not look or feel like traditional combustible cigarettes. An open system tank is essentially an empty vessel and you can choose what type of e-liquid is to be vaporized.

We are proud to have Moon Mountain of Tampa, Florida as our primary e-liquid partner. All liquids are of high-quality and produced in the USA.

We offer a 30-day replacement warranty on batteries and chargers in the event of a malfunction. (We will not replace your battery, however, if it is misused or damaged by the consumer.)

We believe the proven harmful effects of combustion, in any form, can be lessened through modern vaporization technology. Everybody should have the opportunity to become combustion-free and be able to purchase a device that meets their needs.
Available in nicotine levels of 6 mg, 3 mg and zero
Moon Mountain
(70% VG / 30% PG)
  • Buzz Berry (blueberry, blackberry and raspberry)
  • Electron (blue raspberry)
  • Vapor Trail (watermelon menthol)
  • Collision Course (cinnamon cheesecake)
  • Blend 42: Virginia Tobacco
  • Mother of Mars (tobacco, caramel, cream)
  • Cryo Blast (menthol ice)

Safety is No. 1

We are picky about what we stock. We carefully evaluate each product based on its design, ease-of-use and safety. There are thousands of products on the market and we want to be a source you can trust.

Innovation is essential to the thriving vapor market, but not every product is a good one. We not only evaluate the design of the product, but the quality as well. There are some manufacturers that, unfortunately, have a dubious track record of quality and we try to avoid those brands.

Cost is always a consideration and we stock quality products at reasonable prices. Great performing vaporizers should be affordable for everyone.

A big part of our philosophy is providing safe products. Safety is a top priority for us. Because of this, we do not sell any mechanical mods or atomizer coils made of nickel (Ni200). We also do not sell atomizing coils made of titanium or ceramic heating elements or wicks. We have concerns about the potential for harmful effects on the vaper by using these products. We carefully look at all the available science and make deliberate determinations of what products we choose to sell.

We also currently do not sell nicotine salts. E-liquid with nicotine salts are primarily found in closed system e-cigarettes and we still have questions about the safety and addiction potential of these liquids.


We Support Our Products

We make sure that, at the point of sale, all customers know how to properly and safely use each and every product.

If you have a question, please ask. Vaping should not be a mystery, though it can contain some complexity.

We want you to have the best vaping experience possible. Our promise to our customers is full customer support for the devices we sell. If you buy a tank from us, we will always carry the atomizing coil for as long as it is available from the manufacturer. When available, we carry replacement glass and seals for the tanks we stock.

We offer a 30-day replacement warranty for defective batteries, mods or chargers. The warranty covers manufacturer flaws or functional defects, however, we cannot be responsible for products damaged by the consumer.

(for CBD E-Liquid)

Aspire K1 and K3

Kanger SSOCC
Aspire BVC, Nautilus, Atlantis, Cleito, Breeze
Uwell Crown 1, 2, 3

Starter Kits
(works with CBD E-Liquid)

Aspire K3 kit
Aspire Breeze kit

18350, 18490, 18650, 26650

Nitecore i2 and i4


For Advanced Users:
How To Make Coils Without Dry Burning




In the video above, Ron Kaufman, the owner of Independence Vapors, presents his argument explaining the importance of vaporization technology. For smokers looking to switch to a less harmful alternative, vaping (or electronic cigarettes) may be the answer.

Media headlines today cast a confusing pall over vaporization technology. Misinformed journalists routinely fill news articles with incorrect assertions, logical fallacies and outright lies. Some researchers accept funding from pharmaceutical companies to construct research studies with predetermined conclusions that cast a negative light on vaporization. Sometimes, the research itself presents facts that differ from the scientists' biased opinions.

However, the toxicity and negative health outcomes from tobacco smoke cannot be denied. Vaping presents an important step in harm reduction for individuals and communities.

The potential to reduce the death and disease caused by smoke and secondhand smoke is too important to be mired in confusion and misinformation.

Thank you for taking to the time to learn the truth. Please tell others who may benefit from the switch to vaping.

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