Botanical Vaporizers

What is a Botanical Vaporizer?

A botanical vaporizer is a device specifically designed for use with dry leaf plant material. The purpose of these devices is to gently heat dried organic leaves in order to safely release the active ingredients and aromas without combustion.

Burning organic plant material releases toxins that are damaging to the human body. One of the most concerning is a class of chemicals called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Cigarette smoke contains high levels of PAH particles, but burning coal, oil, wood, or garbage also produce PAHs. That nasty smell from burning leaves or the unpleasant scent of a newly paved asphalt road are tell-tale signs of the presence of PAH chemicals. Depending on the amount, the effect of PAHs on the human body ranges from mild irritation to cancer. The idea behind vaporization is to avoid the formation of these types of harmful chemicals and heat plant material without burning it.

Through proper vaporization, botanicals are never burned. Most people find vaporization less harsh on the throat than combustion. The delicate aromas and terpenes present in natural botanicals are more clearly experienced by inhaling vapor. Additionally, plant material not scorched by fire will usually last longer resulting in sustained and more enjoyable inhalation sessions.

Botanical vaporizers come in various shapes, styles and sizes. Portable electronic vaporizers all feature internal rechargeable batteries. The milliampere hour (mAh) number of a battery shows its holding capacity and determines how long the battery lasts between charges. The higher the mAh rating, the longer the battery will last. Desktop vaporizers are larger and need to be plugged-in. Solar vaporizers are now available giving consumers a wide variety of choices.

A quality botanical vaporizer should not have any exposed wires within the heating chamber. The most trustworthy devices utilize stainless steel, ceramic or quartz glass for heating and many use a combination of these materials. Vaporization methods include convection (hot air), conduction (direct heat) or a combination of both (hybrid).

We believe the proven harmful effects of combustion, in any form, can be lessened through modern vaporization technology. At Hemp Headquarters, we are selective about the devices we stock and try to find the most reliable and safest devices available on the market.

portable vaporizers
  • Pulsar Flow
    (1600 mAh, five heat settings, convection)

  • White Rhino Hylo
    (2000 mAh, fully adjustable temp, quartz convection heating)

  • White Rhino Micron
    (2000 mAh, four heat settings, quartz convection heating)
  • Vivant VLeaf
    (2800 mAh battery, five temp settings, hybrid ceramic chamber)

  • Vivant Ambit
    (1500 mAh battery, full temp control, convection heating)

  • Airistech Herbva 5G
    (1100 mAh battery, three temp settings, conduction heating)

  • Boundless CFC Lite
    (removable 800 mAh battery, 3 temp settings, conduction)

  • Boundless CF
    (1300 mAh battery, five temperature settings, conduction)

  • Boundless CFX
    (2500 mAh battery, fully adjustable temp settings, hybrid heating)

  • Grindhouse Shift
    (2300 mAh battery, full temperature control, convection)

  • Utillian 421
    (2300 mAh battery, six temperature settings, conduction)

  • LITL 1
    (850 mAh battery, extremely small, conduction)
Convection vs. Conduction vs. Hybrid

Vaporizers can feature convection or conduction heating or a combination of both (hybrid). Convection means hot air passes over and through the botanical material resulting in a smooth flavorful vapor. Conduction ovens heat the material through direct contact. All styles of heating can result in a enjoyable and efficient vaporization; however, many prefer convection and hybrid heating due to a perceived superiority of flavor production and even heat distribution.
hybrid vapor
The Boundless CFX heating chamber features a combination of both convection and conduction. The chamber has a stainless steel bottom covered in mesh and ceramic sides. Organic material placed into the oven would be heated by both hot air coming up through the bottom in addition to the ceramic walls of the chamber.
The Pulsar Flow is a traditional convection-style vaporizer. The heating chamber is quartz glass with airflow holes in the base. Hot air moves over the botanicals and heats slowly and efficiently. This vaporizer also features a long vapor path down the entire body of the device.
Using a Botanical Vaporizer

Using a vaporizer is not complicated. Switching to electronic vaporization may seem strange at first, but after a few practice sessions most people are convinced to completely make the switch.

First, your dry leaf material must be ground. Using a grinder will reduce your material to small flakes making it easier to fill the vaporizer's heating chamber. Placing properly ground leaf into the device also allows more even heat distribution by increasing the surface area available to convection or conduction heating.

Second, choose a temperature setting. Most devices have at least a few settings from which to choose. It is suggested that you start on the lower end of the available settings for your first time. Once you realize the amazing efficiency of vaporization, increase the temperature setting the next time until you find one that works for you. More advanced devices have precise temperature control which generally ranges between 350°F and 430°F. Cooler temperatures produce less vapor and hotter ones make more vapor. There is some experimentation and personal preference when it comes to temperature settings.

Finally, inhale the vapor. These devices do not produce smoke because nothing is combusted. Vapor is generally light and at cooler temperatures you may not see any vapor exhaled at all. However, botanical vaporizers are efficient and will release the active ingredients and flavor of any dry leaf material.

 botanical vapes

Some devices are extremely small and can fit in a narrow pocket. Others are much larger and, while technically portable, are best suited for home use. Battery life varies with higher quality devices lasting much longer between charges.

  • Arizer V-Tower
    (true convection, whip-style, direct temperature control)



  • Piranha (1.5 inch)
  • Cali Crusher (2 inch, 2.5 inch)
  • Chromium Crusher Grip (2 inch)
  • Chromium Crusher (2.2 inch)
  • Grindhouse Surpeme (2.5 inch)
  • SLX Ceramic Coated (2 inch)
  • Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Grinder


Sun token The Sun Token - Solar Vaporizer
Available at Hemp Headquarters

The world's first vaporizer fully powered by the sun's rays. This unique handcrafted vaporizer is a testament to American ingenuity and innovation. The device works by angling a small magnifier above the glass dome to help direct sunbeams directly at the ground botanicals. The glass dome is held on with magnets and the body is made of high-quality cherry hardwood.

Handmade in Virginia, USA

Some Of The Hardware Brands We Carry: